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From 1995 Kuba J.B runs Goodview Studios.
During this time hi has created and executed over 120
commissioned works (paintings, murals and faux finishes) in public and private places.
University of Gdansk 
Sopot's branch - Poland
m. University Sopot (Poland).jpg
Street mural in Sopot- Poland
Sopot (Poand) ok.jpg
Hudson's Bay Company
2. Hudson Bay Compny (sm).jpg
1. Hudson Bay Compny (sm).jpg
#2   HBC l sm.jpg
#2   HBC ll sm.jpg
History of HBC  oil on canvas  2'x120' / 61x 18,3 m.
Loblaws Canada
m. Vald'or, Que.        15'x120'-5x40m..jpg
#2   HBC ll sm.jpg
Vald'or, QC.  15'x120' / 5x40 m.
m. Montreal Que.  2010.jpg
Montreal. QC.  / market wall /
m. Kapuskasing', Ont. 15'x120'-5x40 m.(sm).jpg
Kapuskasing ON 15'x120' / 5x40 m.
m. Kemptvill Ont.   (10' x 126') 2002.jpg
Kemptvill ON 15'x120'/ 5x40 m.
m. Espanola, Ont. 15'x120'- 5x40m. (sm).jpg
Espanola, ON. 15'x120' / 5x40 m.
m. Collingwood, Ont. 15'x102'-5x34m  (sm).jpg
Collingwood, ON. 15'x120' /  5x40m.
Rockland,Ont. 15'x115'- 5x38m. (sm).jpg
Rockland, ON. 15'x115 / 5x38 m.
Ottawa, ON.
MLG mural 18'x108'-6x36m..jpg
Maple Life Garden Toronto, ON. 18'x108' / 6x36 m.
Queens Quay E. & Jarvis  S wall 2012.jpg
Queens Quay E. Toronto, On.  183' / 61 m.
Queens Quay E. & Jarvis  N wall 2012.jpg
Queens Quay E. Toronto, ON.  206' / 69 m.
m. Christie &   Dupont Ave. E side 2012.jpg
m. Christie &            Dupont Ave.  W side 2012.jpg

Toronto, ON. 463' /154 m.

Magniotta Wainery
''Magniotta's fiesta'' 6'6''x17'    198x518cm.  (sm).jpg
''Magniotta's Fiesta'' oil on canvas  6'6''x17' / 2 x 5.20 m.
ff. Markham.jpg
Jacuzzi room
ff. Mississauga.jpg
Living room
ff. Meaple.jpg
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