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" Leaving The Darkness I''                    oil on canvas, 30"x40"/ 76x102 cm.
1. ''Leaving The Darcness I'' oil on canvas 30x40''-76x102cm (3).JPG
2. ''Leving The Darcness II'' oil on canvas 36x36''-  91x91 cm.JPG
" Leaving The Darkness II"                   oil on canvas, 36"x36"/ 91x91cm.

"Leaving The Darkness III"                  oil on canvas, 32"x26"/ 81x66 cm.

3. ''Leaving The Darkness III oil on canvas 32x26''-81x66cm.JPG
4.''Stil Standing'' oil on canvas    18x 24''- 46x61cm.JPG

"Still Standing"                                oil on canvas, 18"x24" / 46x 24 cm.

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